What We Offer


With any personal coaching and training work the focus has to be on the individual.

Here at PRO-tential Coaching our workshops, open courses and 1-2-1 work offer individuals space, time, reflection, stretch, challenge and opportunity for personal evaluation. We focus on action-centred learning and practise. We present tools and techniques in a vibrant, interesting and challenging way to heighten awareness to develop and enhance existing skills.

Individuals will experience embedded learning into how to make their work and personal lives more effective; their communication enriched and their interaction with others dynamic, fruitful and achieving outstanding personal results

Here’s a flavour of what we offer.


Interpersonal Skills

It is people that make our business happen. It is the richness of our communication that allows us to connect, be in rapport and inspire each-other to action. It is the “how” that is equal to the “what”…and how we do things makes a vast difference to our influence, impact, motivation, engagement with ourselves and with others.


Leadership Development

Your people have all the leadership skills they could possibly wish for….they just haven’t found them all yet. Our work really goes straight to the heart of the people we work with. We start with you first. We’ll focus on all the skills that you want to. You will make your personal changes into being a more brilliant leader. Some of these skills are connectivity with people, higher purpose, emotional intelligence, coaching skills, engagement and so much more


Executive Coaching

Every top sports person you know will have a coach working with them on a daily basis. Top sports performers strive for learning, perfecting their game, work on their mental agility and noticing the difference that makes the difference. You will enjoy uncovering all your hidden gems and work on those areas you want to change……and when you recognise change needs to happen it will be lasting. Visit our Executive Coaching page