Train the Trainer course


No matter what training you do or at what level you are pitching at, your training delivery needs to play to your participant’s needs, wants and outcomes. The learning and development spin you put on any training delivery needs to be current, meaningful and useful. Training needs to be so much more than “surface level”.

It needs to create sparks in the hearts and minds of your listeners. Your training delivery needs to be pitched and paced at the right tone, speed and level. If it isn’t – you need to have the confidence and ability with check points to ensure you are on the right track.

This Train the Trainer course is delivered by:

Stacey Roberts, Lesley Mcdonald, Hayley Phipps

This 2-day Train the Trainer open course does exactly what is says on the tin. We will work with you on structure. We will discover more about your style and how you can adapt to your learners’ style in a group and individually. You will develop your skills around exercises drawing on key learnings and outcomes.

We’ll look at team roles and behaviours to enable you to manage individual contributers or maybe “terrorists” within the group!

Our approach is discovering more about you, your personal style and how you can adapt to be even more exceptional when delivering training!

Train The Trainer Course Outcomes:

You will know how to meet participants needs and expectations by using a range of methods and tools

You will learn and develop how to change tactics and flex your style with ease

You will be more vibrant, creative and flexible in your approach to others’ learning

Flex your style and order of exercises and tools to suit your participants

Know how to recognise difficult or combative individuals and influence behavioural change

You will nurture and encourage participants more effectively to help them feel at ease reducing nerves and lack of confidence


You will confidently know how to disassociate yourself from others’ personal experiences

You will understand more about people dynamics by discovering more about non-verbal communication

You will be more confident to allow space and time for your participants to reflect, contribute and think about their personal learning’s

We will walk through the design and mechanics of a training programme for the group to assess

You will have a range of tools to use following your train the trainer programme to use immediately

What We Expect From You During and Following this 2-day Train the Trainer Course

Please be a willing participant, ready to share, be open to learning and ready to embrace new skills and approaches. Our 2 day Train the Trainer is designed to stretch, push boundaries, allow fresh thinking and open up new doors to help you enhance and develop your skills and attributes as a developing accomplished trainer! Once you have booked onto the course we will send you the pre-course preparation questions which should take no longer than 30 minutes to think, evaluate and respond to.

You will be asked to create a learning journal following completion of your Train the Trainer training to keep fresh and alive in your own mind’s eye the key things that you noticed and what you want to work on. This can be linked to your existing PDP (personal development plan) and if you haven’t got one, we encourage you to create one! You can use your PDP with your line manager as part of your management and leadership journey or as your self-coaching tool for own development.

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