Sales Skills Training


This course is delivered by:

Hayley Phipps, Lesley Mcdonald

This sales skills training offers a refreshing and different approach. We work with the sales manager/area manager to look at their own styles, preferences and ways of working to “notice what you notice”. This exercise allows the sales person to open up their mind to learning in a different way. A different way which will tap into our unconsciously competent behaviours and bring to the front behaviours & skills which can be changed.

Sales Skills Training Outcomes:

Know how to use new selling techniques to get closer to your customers

You will have the ability to recognise sensory preferences to calibrate conversation and build rapport

You will enhance your awareness and know how to recognise and establish primary buying motivators from your potential client

Enhancing your influence in the sales context

You will learn how to model excellence and use this as a self- development tool

Effective use of Needs/Benefit selling to appeal to Primary Motivators

You will discover how to listen more effectively and handle objections with ease

You will be able to convert opportunities into sales will have a direct impact on your business's top and bottom line

Our Sales Skills Training is thought-provoking, punchy, challenging, vibrant and fun. This programme is packed with action exercises to enhance the learning experience.

What We Expect From You during and Following the Programme

We want willing participants who want to have the edge and elite performer status in their role. You may already be at the top of your game and you want to find new and different ways to stay there. Our sales skills training day requires sales people who are willing and open to have a go at something new. Sales managers will be asked to develop their own 30 day reflective personal development plan as part of attending this programme.


If you are interested in bespoke in-house NLP Sales Training or a tailored sales training programme for varying skill levels in your organization please get in touch.

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