Sales and Business Development

Keeping your sales peoples’ skills alive, fresh and vibrant in a demanding competitive environment is key to their success. You’ll recognise top athletes and sporting professionals always work on the next level of their personal best, the same in our opinion should apply for sales teams.

When you invest in your people, they will invest in themselves to uncover and discover “the difference that makes the difference”.

Our specialist sales and business development trainers and facilitators draw on:

their own experiences of heading corporate sales teams

coaching sales teams from PLC and multi-national organisations<

delivering “hunter” new sales training embedding technical and soft skills

delivering “farmer” existing business development technical and soft skills

Visit our open sales and business development courses and receive funding pages for more detailed information.

You may want to tailor a bespoke sales and development training programme in-house to keep the message, spin and focus on your brand, your people and the company results.

We promise a vibrant, refreshing, challenging and fun approach whatever option you choose with us.