Coaching Skills in the Workplace


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Join us for two days covering all of the core principles of coaching. This course is for all people wishing to enhance and develop their coaching approach and coaching practise in business.

This course is delivered by:

Dr.Sue Mitchell, Stacey Roberts, Lesley Mcdonald, Hayley Phipps

Coaching Skills in the Workplace

There is no better way to create space for inspiration, motivation, accountability and responsibility than through coaching. Our Coaching Skills in the Workplace is a two day programme covering all of the skills, attributes and behaviors you will need to enhance your coaching experience with your teams, your direct reports and your colleagues too!

Coaching really should form part of our everyday management and leadership approach. We think every supervisor, manager and leader should know about the strategies of coaching, the numerous benefits and the effect on the individual being coached.

Our programme is designed for participative learning and practice for each subject learned to allow for personal connection and awareness. We also encourage trio coaching for our participants to observe, coach and be coached through step stages of the coach training programme.

Coaching Skills in the Workplace Outcomes

To have a detailed understanding of the core principles of coaching

To identify key differences between mentoring, counselling, consulting and coaching

To discover the key skills, attributes and behaviors of a great coach in action

Discover and understand how values and beliefs drive behaviors

You will recognise sensory preferences and how they relate to our language

Be able to heighten your own awareness of communication (body language, mirroring, clean language, probing questions)


You will have the ability to use feedback as a tool for enhancing performance

You will learn more about your own limiting and empowering beliefs as a self- coaching tool. This will enhance your coaching approach with others

Working with the coachee to shape goals and vision for themselves

Coaching practice during the workshop and develop own coaching development plan.

Our Coaching Skills in the Workplace 2 day programme is packed with action-centred practice; small breakout groups and at least 1 accredited qualified coach in attendance to enhance the learning experience!

What We Expect From You during and Following the Programme

Our coaching skills in the workplace programme cover a vast amount of detail. Our coach trainers are vibrant, knowledgeable and create a great environment for learning. We expect our participants to be committed, focused, be willing to share personal goals, be open to practice in a safe environment and be prepared to have fun.

We ask our participants to take the time to reflect on their learning over a 30 day period noting down personal observations, changes, breakthroughs and practice coaching sessions.

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