Presentation Skills Training


Whether you are presenting to small groups, large audiences or even around the table takes a certain amount of preparation, confidence and your “natural edge”. This 1-day presentation skills training is geared towards your natural talents, how you present now and your identified areas for improvement. We’ll work on the art of bringing presentations alive with the use of power-point, your environment, your ability to bring stories alive and your creativity.

We will work with individuals on a 1:1 basis and within the group who currently dislike the level of nervousness they experience before presenting! And if you’re thinking you don’t have all of these things yet…..we can tell you now, by the time you leave this 1 day programme you will be ready to take on any presentation full of confidence and packed with treats for your listeners!

This 1 day Presentation Skills training is delivered by:

Hayley Phipps, Lesley Mcdonald,

Presentation Skills:

You will notice an increased confidence and satisfaction with your ability to present in a compelling way

You will discover how you can move away from a script and confidently present on any subject

Practise and articulate ways to talk at different levels of experience

You will be able to use metaphors and analogies to allow images to flow in the minds of your listeners

You will stretch your natural talents with presenting and discover hidden gems

You will know and have strategies for managing and calming nerves

You will practise strategies for when things do go wrong and be confident in your ability to lead from the front

You will develop your skills as an accomplished communicator

You will work on your flair and presence


What We Expect From You During and Following this 1 day Presentation Skills Training Course

Please be a willing participant, ready to share, be open to learning and ready to embrace new skills and approaches. Our 1 day Presentation Skills Training is designed to stretch, push boundaries, allow fresh thinking and open up new doors to help you enhance and develop your presentation skills. Once you have booked onto the course we will send you the pre-course preparation questions which should take no longer than 30 minutes to think, evaluate and respond to.

You will be asked to create a learning journal following completion of your Presentation Skills training to keep fresh and alive in your own mind’s eye the key things that you noticed and what you want to work on. This can be linked to your existing PDP (personal development plan) and if you haven’t got one, we encourage you to create one! You can use your PDP with your line manager as part of your management and leadership journey or as your self-coaching tool in every day life.

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