Personal Impact & Assertiveness


Join us for this vibrant challenging personal impact and assertiveness training day. This training day tunes into individual styles, preferences, internal dialogue and our ability to change state. This is a strengths based training day focussing on all the things we identify which we are really good at. We will work with you to discover your natural talents and seek to uncover your unconsciously competent patterns.

This course is delivered by:

Hayley Phipps, Lesley Mcdonald, Stacey Roberts,

There will be plenty of hands on paired and group exercises allowing you to work in a safe environment. You will be able to explore all of those things or skills you have pin-pointed where you want to shape, mould and strengthen your personal impact and assertiveness skills.

We’ll focus on language patterns, whole body listening (often called body language) and the stuff you often feel inside when you need to feel more confident or need to be more assertive. We’ll look at the reasons and situations when we need to be assertive and how this links to mis-match in communication. You will build on your knowledge of feedback and discover great strategies to confidently say what you mean and mean what you say… really is all about the “how”. You will leave this personal impact training day full of renewed confidence, new tools and strategies to pull out of your bag when you need them!

Personal Impact and Assertiveness Training Day Outcomes:

Discover and explore how we see and know ourselves in the context of personal impact

Uncover your strategies and patterns in situations when you need to be assertive or when you’ve wanted to be assertive

You will arm yourself with even more knowledge and understanding in relation to our “covert and overt” behaviours and how this effects our behaviour

You’ll discover your own and others’ sensory preferences through language patterns and explore how we can calibrate conversations for impact and influence

You will build on your knowledge of body language and have a deeper understanding of how we communicate on non-verbal basis has everything to do with impact.

You will identify which tools and skills you will use to be more assertive


You will use feedback as a valuable tool to open up lines of communication and influence those around you

Uncover your strengths to say “no” and be at peace with your decision

You will practise and expand on the saying “it’s not what you say it’s how you say it” We will focus the “how” on verbal and non-verbal impact

You will leave this 1 day personal impact and assertiveness training with renewed energy, bags of confidence and new tools to put into practise immediately!

What We Expect From You During and Following this 1 day Personal Impact Training and Assertiveness Training

Please be a willing participant, ready to share, be open to learning and ready to embrace new skills and approaches. Our 1 day Personal Impact Training and Assertiveness Training is designed to stretch, push boundaries, allow fresh thinking and open up new doors to help you enhance your communication skills. Once you have booked onto the course we will send you the pre-course preparation questions which should take no longer than 30 minutes to think, evaluate and respond to.

You will be asked to create a learning journal following completion of your personal impact and assertiveness training to keep fresh and alive in your own mind’s eye the key things that you noticed and what you want to work on. This can be linked to your existing PDP (personal development plan) and if you haven’t got one, we encourage you to create one! You can use your PDP with your line manager as part of your management and leadership journey or as your self-coaching tool.

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