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The home of communication skills, leadership development training, management training and presentation skills training.

PRO-tential Coaching and Training runs a series of open and public courses covering all of our specialist areas from The Manager as Coach, Presentation Skills, Assertiveness and Negotiation through to Business Development and Training Trainers.

These are one or two day courses mostly for 10-12 delegates (8 for our Presentation training), which offer individuals the space and time needed for action centred learning, and the best from our expert trainers and coach’s!

Often we will have two coach trainers to allow for personal one-to-one focus.

Our development workshops, mini taster sessions and training development days in Scotland offer unbeatable value; creates space for you to hone into your skills and a great opportunity to learn and network with like- minded people. Funding is available for all of our training programmes Scotland. Read more..

In true coaching style, following your day or days with us you will be asked to develop your own 30 day focus to consciously notice all of the new skills you have acquired and how you build on these following your development training with us.

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Coaching Skills in the Workplace

Coaching skills for supervisors, first line managers and heads of departments

Coaching Skills Open Programme

Our 2 day coaching skills programme is delivered by accredited qualified coach trainers who live and breathe the core principles of coaching for performance. This 2-day programme will heighten your awareness and sharpen your skill with coaching people. Coaching Skills in the Workplace

Business Relationships

Sales Skills Training and Business Development

Sales Skills Training

Our 1 day programme is for people in prime new business sales roles responsible for sales and profit. This programme hones into communication loops, understanding the buyer and enhancing our influence to gain trust. This is an exceptional vibrant day for all sales people who want to make a difference to their performance and be at the top of their game. Sales Skills Training.

Business Development

Our 1 day business development programme is for sales development, existing business managers, consultants and anyone who has a passion for growing and developing business. Sharpen your skills, tune into your customer and engage in a way that you’ve never done before. This open programme is about building trust, communication loops, the way in which we engage and relationship dynamics. Business Development Programme.

Leadership Development Training

Expect the chalk and talk to be ditched. Attend this dynamic 2 day leadership programme starting with you first. Our 2 day leadership development training open programme is action-centred, packed with group exercises and will enable participants to kick-off their leadership development plan. Leadership Development Training

NLP Sales Training

You will feel inspired and able to elicit a ‘can do’ attitude and personal self-belief, (which will be projected to your customers, resulting in increased performance and revenue). The NLP Sales Training programme is aimed at people who want to change and boost their sales. NLP Sales Training

Introduction to NLP

If you want to discover methods to model excellence and have a set of techniques and processes that will enable you to consistently achieve results then this Introduction to NLP is a must for you. Introduction to NLP

Management Training

Management development, Appraisals & Performance Management

Management Development Programme

This detailed and challenging 2 day programme moves away from chalk and talk traditional management training. Taken from our ILM endorsed programme, we cover all aspects of managing people from KPI’s (key performance indicators), The Manager as Coach, Holding People Accountable to Effective Time Management, Delegation and Change. Individuals will be armed with a packed bag full of fresh ideas and tools to take immediately to the workplace. We hone in on managerial communication, behaviours and skills to improve our everyday interactions with our direct reports. This programme is for first-time, first line and Heads of Departments who wish to refresh and sharpen their skills as a great manager of people. Management Development Training

Appraisals and Performance Management

This is a full-on thought-provoking day with a key focus on you as manager preparing for, managing the conversation and follow-up on appraisals. We will delve and explore our experiences good and bad with appraisals, what is their purpose and why so managers see them as a form filling exercise. Performance management will feature with a fresh approach to individual behaviours, styles and coaching for performance. Appraisal and Performance Management Course

Communication & Interpersonal Skills

Personal Impact & Assertiveness, Conflict management and Managing Change

Personal Impact & Assertiveness

This open 1 day personal impact and assertiveness training day is focussed on how we see ourselves and how others see and receive us. We’ll take a deep dive into understanding our “covert and overt” operations, we’ll look at language patterns and sensory preferences all of which shape who we are. We’ll explore and discover how we can consciously change what we say, how we communicate (in body and words) and how we can influence others. We’ll look at skills and abilities needed to be confidently assertiveness in a way which is non-combative and opens up lines of communication for influence and change. Personal Impact & Assertiveness

Conflict Management Course

Our 1 day conflict management course is open to all individuals who want to understand how conflict arises, be able to manage conflict in a much more helpful way and avoid conflictive situations with your ability to manage the issues surrounding conflict. Conflict Management Course

Presentation Skills Training

Being the confident you! Storytelling, present with impact and panache!

Presentation Skills

This 1-day presentation course is open to everyone who wishes to build on their confidence and really stretch skills to develop as an accomplished presenter. This day is very much a strengths-based discovering all of the hidden gems and talents you perhaps haven’t found yet! We work on presentation styles and flexibility with the ability to work your audience, work the room, tell stories with meaning and with many “how to” exercises and practise to accelerate our presentations skills into a whole new world. Presentation Skills

Train the Trainer

The spotlight is always on the trainer to know their stuff, to hold interest and to make the whole training experience a delight, fun, thought-provoking, enlightening, personal learning….sounds like all of the training courses you’ve been on perhaps? Probably not! Our train the trainer 2 day course is not for the faint-hearted and neither for anyone who wants a chalk and talk experience! Our 2 day Train the Trainer programme is for everyone moving into a training and development role, or anyone in existing training roles who wants to sharpen their skills. Train the Trainer