NLP Sales Training


This 1 day NLP Sales Training day starts with you first. We will look at your approach to every day sales life by uncovering strategies and habits that perhaps you’ve not been aware of before. This NLP Sales training is open to you regardless of level of sales ability. If you want to discover ways to calibrate conversation, be a master of listening and language patterns, uncover hidden gems from what your buyer is saying then this training is definitely for you.

This course is delivered by:

Lesley Mcdonald, Hayley Phipps, Dr Susan Mitchell

We will use the core principles of NLP and wrap this into a sales bundled package for you to be ready the very next day. You will start to notice the way in which you engage with your customers and the difference that makes the difference!

We will raise awareness on how you can communicate with people at all levels and how to build and be in rapport. Conscious use of language is a must when dealing with people. We will show and demonstrate how to use appropriate language in order to open and close a deal and manage relationships.

NLP Sales Training outcomes

You will expand your thoughts and ideas around the traditional 5 Step Sales Process and discover how you can achieve better sustainable results

You will work on strategies of NLP and how this links to your sales life. You will notice differences in how you think, how you act and how you engage with your customers

You will work towards developing & strengthening your self- belief by discovering your excellence

You will become more motivated towards success

You will discover how using appreciative Inquiry links to developing solutions

You will discover and learn how to set and achieve goals in the context of NLP

You will start to become a master of language and uncover the key strategies of our language patterns and the amazing effect our words have.

You will piece your day’s learning back into your sales process


What We Expect From You During and Following the NLP Sales Training Day

We invite all levels of new business sales and business development professionals to our NLP Sales Training open programme. We expect you will have experienced many sales training or business development days during your career. We ask you to come prepared and ready to learn new approaches, ideas and ways of working from the trainers and your peers within the group. We will ask you at the end of the day to reflect and share the key learnings’ and personal actions you will take.

Following on from the NLP Sales Training open course, we will ask you to develop your own 30 day PDP (personal development plan) capturing all of things you’ve noticed about you and all of the areas you want to work on and master.

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