Introduction to NLP


This 1-day introduction to NLP programme will allow you to become familiar with the numerous definitions, statements, recipes and descriptions of what NLP is. Our programme is open to everyone who wishes to enrich their business and personal lives by “be-ing” more, doing more and having more…of whatever more is for you.

This introduction to NLP programme encourages you to explore, experiment and ignite your curiosity for your own learning and development.

This Introduction to NLP open course encourages participation so that you can shape the flow and create learning experiences together.

This course is delivered by:

Lesley Mcdonald, Hayley Phipps, Dr Susan Mitchell

NLP is often described as the “study of excellence”. We will cover the core pillars of NLP with many explorative exercises that will allow you to discover more about your own strategies and raise a heightened awareness of your communication. Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Introduction to NLP training outcomes:

You will gain a good understanding of the four pillars of NLP, rapport, outcome orientation, sensory acuity and behavioural flexibility

You will explore the NLP communications model and how this links to our sight, hearing, thinking, feelings, reactions and then habits/behaviours

You will explore the use of our senses and how these relate to our own preferences and preferences of others.

You will notice, practise and evaluate how we can tune into others with rapport by expanding and flexing our ability to connect in ways that create trust and understanding

You will be able to confidently shape your own personal development plan relating to calibrating the effect you have on yourself, others and the environment

There will be a curiosity for you to discover more of how “you are NLP” and how you “are communication”


What We Expect from You During and Following the Introduction to NLP training day

We invite and welcome all individuals to join us for this vibrant and thought-provoking Introduction to NLP 1-day training programme.

We invite you to think about this NLP learning experience as if you were riding a bike. The best way for you to understand, improve and notice is through practice and experience. You will be co-creators of the day with your own sharing, participation and learning’s. Our experience together will be rich, unique, thought-provoking and fun.

Following on from your Introduction to NLP open course, we will ask you to develop your own 30 day PDP (personal development plan) capturing all of things you’ve noticed about you and all of the areas you want to work on and master.

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