Management Training


Management Training

This two-day course is designed to help people understand, engage and grasp the brilliant skills needed to be an exceptional line manager. It focuses on key line management skills such as coaching, performance management, delegation, motivating your people, managing conflict and feedback.

This course is delivered by:

Lesley Mcdonald, Stacey Roberts, Hayley Phipps

We will practise giving and receiving feedback and understand how feedback is a powerful tool for managing and influencing behaviours. We will explore how you can become a more decisive manager and how to encourage accountability and responsibility through your teams. We will explore conflict and how this arises, the detrimental effect conflict has and how you can take charge by managing conflict. You will learn how to feed upwards developing your leadership attributes and perfect establishing clear boundaries.

We’ll cover aspects of your style and communication preferences which link to your influence, how you motivate and inspire people. We will explore your coaching skills with guiding and setting team objectives and creating outcomes for yourself!

Our 2 day Management Development Training is participative with experiential exercises to allow personal embedded learning to take to the workplace immediately. This Management Training is certainly not to be missed if it’s immediate results you are looking for!

Management Development Open Programme Outcomes:

Explore and discuss the role of manager and evaluate our experiences of previous managers

Notice and evaluate different management styles and approaches and how these have/or continue to influence our behaviours

You will identify your key skills and attributes as an individual and how this relates to your role as manager

You will grasp and enhance the underpinning principles of coaching and why coaching is a powerful skill to motivate, empower and accelerate performance

You will discover your time preferences and how to sharpen your efficiencies and output

You will improve your ability to feedback in a congruent, trusting way which will heighten awareness and learning

You will confidently feed-forwards and upwards for your own development, changes you wish to make and improvements to be made.

You will have a better understanding of conflict and how you can confidently manage conflict

You will notice and be more knowledgeable of the change process and the emotions these spark for individuals

As a manager you will have a heightened awareness of your styles and communication loops and how these influence your people

You will be more able manage and deal with performance brilliance and issues by following an Apply-Praise-to-All approach.

You will become even better at delegating by knowing and understanding your team’s capabilities and development needs

What We Expect From You During and Following this 2 day Management Training

Please be a willing participant, ready to share, be open to learning and ready to embrace new skills and approaches. Our management training open programme is designed to stretch, push boundaries, allow fresh thinking and open up new doors to help you enhance your management skills. Once you have booked onto the course we will send you the pre-course preparation questions which should take no longer than 30 minutes to think, evaluate and respond to.

You will be asked to create a learning journal following completion of your management training to keep fresh and alive in your own mind’s eye the key things that you noticed and what you want to work on. This can be linked to your existing PDP (personal development plan) and if you haven’t got one we encourage you to create one! You can use your PDP with your line manager as part of your management and leadership journey.

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Click here if you are a Scottish registered business with 100 employees or less for funding. We can help you through the process to apply for skills training funding for our 2 day Management Development Programme.