Leadership Development Training 2 Day Open Programme


Never has there been a more important and crucial time in our way of doing business in this 21st century for our leaders to find new ways of thinking, fresh approaches, increase their ability to engage and their capability with emotional intelligence. The only way we can differentiate ourselves as leaders is to be unique. Be ourselves. Managing is not the same as leading. As a leader you need vision, influence, connectedness, mindfulness, persistence, resistance and patience!

This course is delivered by:

Hayley Phipps, Lesley Mcdonald

Our 2 day leadership development training is centred on delegate’s development needs as well as the targeted deliverable outcomes. This Leadership Development programme offers powerful exercises to allow embedded learning and personal connected change to happen.

As leaders it is all about our attitude to others, our emotional state of mind, our ability to connect with our followers that makes the difference. It is about our ability to learn from our failures, to rely and find inner strength and resources. Leadership is about knowing our mental toughness, our ability to stretch and ability to influence those we work with. It is about our communication and how we communicate that allows others to follow.

This Leadership Development programme focusses on real-time behaviours, approaches and allows individuals to shape their own leadership journey through personal connection and embedded learning.

As well as individual outcomes here is what we expect to cover during our two day programme.

Leadership Development Training Outcomes

Day 1 – Leadership Development Programme

Understand, discuss and debate why leading is not the same as managing

Attitude - You will discover how you can take learning from any experience and have the ability to draw strength from vulnerability

Recognising leadership talent – you will have a good understanding of leadership qualities and strengths. You will become more aware of your own natural talent

You will have the ability to follow as well as to lead. You will be an example of what you believe

You will discover and uncover leadership beliefs of excellence in others and yourself

You will have a better understanding of how leaders are proactive rather than reactive. You will able to create a compelling vision of your own leadership goals


Day 2 – Leadership Development Programme

You will learn more on how leadership relationships hinge on our capability to build rapport

How enhancing your influence enhances your ability to motivate, accelerate and enhance the process of personal change

You will strengthen your ability to deal with conflict and change.

You will be able to give feedback , speak the truth and manage your emotional state

You will become aware unique styles and preferences to allow you to calibrate conversations and build rapport

You will enhance your coaching skills as leader to allow others to take accountability and responsibility

As leader you will be able to build a learning culture through feedback

What We Expect From You During and Following the Programme

We invite supervisors, first line managers, heads of departments and individuals in existing leadership positions who would like a refreshing personal spin on their own leadership development. We know you will be committed and ready to participate in theses personal leadership development exercises. Our leadership development programme is participative, though-provoking and starts with “you first” as leader. Please expect your 2 day leadership development to be very personal and stretch your thoughts about you as a leader.

We will ask you to reflect at the close of day 2 for the leadership development programme on your key learnings and personal actions. Following your development training we will ask you to create your own leadership PDP (personal development plan) as a tool and reference for personal use.

Please see our bespoke in-house leadership development approach. If you are interested in our other open courses please use these links management development programme, coaching skills in the workplace, introduction to NLP, presentation skills, train the trainer

Click here if you are a Scottish registered business with 100 employees or less for funding. We can help you through the process to apply for skills training funding for our 2 day Leadership Development Programme or In-house Leadership Development Programme