Conflict Management Course


This 1-day conflict management course is an insightful training and development day uncovering all aspects of conflict management, how it escalates and how conflict can be avoided with appropriate strategies and behaviours. As with all of our training days we focus “starting with you first” taking a deep-dive into your experiences of conflict

This 1 day conflict management course is delivered by:

Hayley Phipps, Lesley Mcdonald, Stacey Roberts,

We look at what are your triggers (values, beliefs, boundaries, pressures) for arising conflict and how you can manage your state to take control and manage the situation.

The day is packed with paired and group exercises to allow space and room for embedded personal learning. We look at ways to be more flexible in our approach, understanding other people’s viewpoints and getting to the nitty-gritty of what’s really happening.

Conflict Management Training Outcomes:

Understand the purpose of conflict and our personal response to when conflict arises

You will explore and understand more of the statement “be the change that you want to see happen”

You will have more confidence and skills to manage conflict in a way that nurtures a conversation rather than an argument

You will discover more about your own skills and abilities in the context of conflict and how you can stretch these skills for defusing conflict

You will improve your listening skills by discovering more about “whole body listening” and how you can diffuse conflict with non-verbal communication

You will fine tune your skills to use honesty and agreement as a way to facilitate a calm and thought-out approach

You will practise during and following training how you can really get to the core of what is really going on with individuals.

You will explore and practise how to let go of the emotional effect of conflict


What We Expect From You During and Following this 1 day Conflict Management Training

Please be a willing participant, ready to share, be open to learning and ready to embrace new skills and approaches. Our 1 day Conflict Management Training is designed to stretch, push boundaries, allow fresh thinking and open up new doors to help you enhance your communication skills and conflict management skills. Once you have booked onto the course we will send you the pre-course preparation questions which should take no longer than 30 minutes to think, evaluate and respond to.

You will be asked to create a learning journal following completion of your Conflict Management training to keep fresh and alive in your own mind’s eye the key things that you noticed and what you want to work on. This can be linked to your existing PDP (personal development plan) and if you haven’t got one, we encourage you to create one! You can use your PDP with your line manager as part of your management and leadership journey or as your self-coaching tool in every day life.

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