Executive Coaching


If you're looking for Leadership Development and Executive Coaching services, Executive Presentation Skills Coaching, Executive Life Coaching or Personal Executive Coaching in the UK read on.

Coaching is at the core of what we do. We live and breathe coaching. We are experienced executive coaches with coaching credentials!

If you are from the learning & development, HR or a Head of Department seeking executive coaches for your senior team please get in touch to discuss, naturally in confidence.

Here are some of the key themes from our executive coaching programmes:

Voice/speech/presentation skills – So you can feel comfortable while giving excellent presentations and speeches

Managing & leading teams – Motivating, coaching and inspiring your people for personal best.

Emotional Intelligence –so you can become more aware of yourself and others’ emotions to accelerate engagement, motivation, commitment and empathy. An interpersonal inspection of yourself

Personal impact – Finding ways to walk, talk, stand and deliver ideas so they’re heard.


Persuasion – Getting people to do what you say, by making them want to do what you say.

Confidence – Developing that trust of yourself that comes from experience.

Assertiveness/managing conflict – Learning to say no, and developing techniques to ask for what you want.

Getting to the point – Say what you mean and mean what you say. Focus on the “how” and cutting through jargon.

Creating a compelling vision – Seeing the future as if you have it now and knowing how to colour the gaps in.

You may want to develop an in-house 2 day workshop on key themes which are relevant to your managers and leaders. Talk to us about our tailored programmes