Business Development and Business Relationships Training


This course is delivered by:

Hayley Phipps, Lesley Mcdonald

Our building business and building business relationships course is focussed around how we engage, how we interact and how we can develop even better relationships with our customers. This 1 day business development training covers key aspects of communication loops, our personal presentation styles, whole body listening (often described as body language), our confidence network and presentation techniques.

We will cover all aspects of building relationships as well as covering what we and you think are key fundamentals to building better relationships.

Business Development – Building business relationships outcomes:

You will heighten your awareness of understanding relationship dynamics by tuning into the person with whom you are engaging

Know how the use of insightful and “clean” questions elicit trust and allows free flow of conversation

You will be able to elicit conversation sharing more of “you” allowing a more personal approach

You will be more confident to deal with disagreement and “push-back” from your customers.

You will be able to uncover needs which haven’t been shared with you

You will have more confidence to present and speak with conviction

You will notice a difference in how you guide your customer in a natural way rather than “pushing” them along

You will recognise and be more knowledgeable in modelling excellence

What We Expect From You during and Following the Programme

We invite business development managers at all stages in their careers to join us for this Business Development open programme. We expect you will have experienced many sales training or business development days during your career. We ask you to come prepared and ready to learn new approaches, ideas and ways of working from the trainers and your peers within the group. We will ask you at the end of the day to reflect and share the key learnings’ and personal actions you will take.


Following on from the Business Relationship open course, we will ask you to develop your own 30 day PDP (personal development plan) capturing all of things you’ve noticed about you and all of the areas you want to work on and master.

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