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Time to Grow Your Business – Business Coach Scotland

Posted by on June 6, 2017

 Here’s some fabulous feedback from customers who are now life-long friendsPeople Matter

“Hayley absolutely understood the issues and the objectives and created a detailed programme drawing upon her years of experience bringing together a portfolio of training, coaching and development which encompassed skills developed amongst many of the world’s leading organisations such as Harvard Business School.

 I selected twelve key members of the business and they undertook the course spread over an eight month period.  In terms of measuring the response, perhaps the best indicator is that everybody stuck with it all the way through with nobody even suggesting that this wasn’t for them, and the vast majority citing it as inspiring, enjoyable and something that enriched their professional careers. From a business perspective, it absolutely met every objective set and positioned the business strongly in the market”  Ian Baxter — Entrepreneur, MD MITIE Waste & Environmental

MITIE Waste was a £30M company (part of MITIE plc) when Hayley joined the team as strategist coach.  Hayley exited the business following three years of development, working with twenty six people in total.

About our MD, Hayley Phipps Tennant

For Your Business Development, Personal Growth and Business GrowthILM Level 5 Leadership & Management

At the heart of PRO-tential is Hayley Phipps Tennant who successfully led high performing teams with growth of 6-20% year on year with plc companies.

Over the past 14 years Hayley has worked with organisations and teams with DIAGEO, Royal London Group, FirstGroup plc, AMEC, MITIE plc and many SME’s with commercial, finance, procurement, HR, operational at middle and senior board level.

What we do know is that from our experience, whether you’re £1.7bn plc giant like MITIE plc or a £1M Office Solutions provider your ability to keep shaping growth plans and keeping your people (including all senior managers!) captivated, inspired, motivated, hungry and wholly satisfied with their sense of purpose, is vital for growing your people to grow your business today, tomorrow and years to come.

Hayley has a natural flair for all things commercial and with internationally recognised credentials she is a highly experienced qualified Executive Coach, NLP practitioner and Cognitive Behavioural Coach. She inspires and digs deep for personal behavioural changes for business growth results.  She is a teacher for ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) in business, delivering foundation degree Coaching, Mentoring, Leadership & Management qualifications in the workplace.  Hayley is an inspirational speaker at conferences tuning in to human behaviour, our self- limitations and personal sharing’s of her own personal journey with intense humour from “rags to riches.”

PRO-tential Coaching delivers a suite of affordable services especially designed to support Cumbria Waste Management unlock accelerated growth based on these structured principles.

Grow your people to grow your business – the difference IS the difference that makes the difference!

  • Have you got the right skills in the right place?
  • Individual and team training and coaching of sales team (internal and external)
  • Understand and evaluate core competencies, attitude and commitment of everyone involved in growing the business (that’s everyone!)
  • Review sales structure – understand the growth plan and timelines
  • Personal behavioural goals (especially leaders!) and competency based goals
  • Support individuals through PiP (Performance Improvement Plans)

We utilise”PiP” as a positive psychology approach and a high performance coaching approach

  • Coaching development plans for focus, personal growth and mentoring
  • Develop high performance skills for Sales Managers
  • Clear plan of how to monitor, evaluate and bring alive people performance management
  • Options for internationally recognised CPD foundation degree qualifications with ILM for coaching, mentoring and leadership

Executive Coaching for Senior Leaders – everyone needs a bit of coaching now and again just ask Richard Branson!

  • Whole business birds-eye view linking to strategy and vision
  • What is the company’s vision and direction? How does this link to personal vision and culture?
  • What are the gaps in relation to skills, roles & responsibilities?
  • Meaningful SWOT analysis by area of responsibility and individual
  • Robust agreed individual and team areas for development
  • United vibrant fresh and refreshed action and personal plans
  • Identify a new way of working with behaviours, expectations, core values and personal mission.

For all sales related people – Know and Grow Your Territory – the difference IS the difference that makes the difference!

  • Build a deeper rapport and understanding with your customers – your celebrity service matters!
  • Have structure and systems that work, are meaningful and everyone believes in.
  • Stop accepting the status quo and gain the lion’s share of the purchase ledger
  • Turn your “sales reps” into polished consultative, collaborative relationship builders
  • Build and shape individual competence and confidence to work on larger accounts
  • How to develop high quality prospects and bring your relationship prospecting alive
  • Review, analyse and shape proposals and account reviews presented to customers/prospects
  • Individual analysis of skills and competencies for people.
  • Identify fast-track high performance coaching development plan
  • Ultimately grow your business through existing and new customers

Recruitment Approach – Invest Your Time to Find and Keep the Right People

  • Design and deliver competency based workshop interviews
  • Psychometric based 1:1 interviews evaluating resilience, mental toughness, self-motivation, attitude, and aspirations
  • Robust induction and continuous development plan honing in on database, approach to market , skills development (experience/level dependant) bespoke for individual

You’re interested in talking to us? We have an open book and trust approach

  • We sign your non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement. We’re serious about your business and working with you
  • A free of charge confidential telephone/Skype consultation is available by appointment
  • We never discuss with any other business (in similar markets or not) – that we are working with you unless you give us permission to do so
  • Initial meeting is planned with the MD on a private and confidential 1:1 basis to understand the current business strategy, people, needs and wants.
  • We jointly agree the coaching strategy development plan and time-frame
  • We don’t ever insist on a number of contracted days to work with you, neither do we insist on a cumbersome lengthy contract to be signed. We work on trust and respect.
  • We know how capable we are, and you will see, feel and experience it through changing behaviours and different results. Our agreement is mutual, open, honest and collaborative. Together we will shape the timeline.

 Ron Mills, Management Coach, BSkyB

“Hayley is a remarkable lady and a fantastic coach and role model. She has the ability to cut to the heart of an issue quickly and expertly. Her skill combined with her boundless and infectious enthusiasm ensures great results for everyone she works with, whether delivering development learning , group coaching or one on one coaching.  I highly recommend Hayley and PROtential if it’s high quality results you are looking for”

Contact Details for Hayley Phipps Tennant 

Mobile number:         07971 795395

Email:                          Hayley.Phipps(at)


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