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Lessons to be learned from ‘mindfulness’ – Borders Telegraph April 2017

A TEACHER behind new ‘mindfulness’ classes in Biggar has revealed her plans to expand to schools across the Borders. Children at Biggar Primary School are among the first to take part in the new lessons, with discussions already under way to expand classes to Biggar High School and West Linton Primary. The programme encourages children … Continue reading »

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Overview of Mindfulness Programme for Biggar Community Page

      Mindfulness for Kids We have launched our “Coaching with Mindfulness” led by Hayley Phipps Tennant at our local primary school.  Hayley also has been invited to work with senior four pupils at the local high school to lead a session around “Stress, anxiety and coping mechanisms” We are also in discussions around … Continue reading »

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Mindfulness in Schools supported by Hayley Phipps Tennant

Mindfulness in general is best experienced rather than talked about.  It is something we “are” rather than do.  For children it is all about how the adults in their life model it for them.  Children will tune in to our behaviour, indeed model them –because this is how we learn! We copy, we repeat, we … Continue reading »

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