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Collaborative Leadership – why is collaborative leadership so important?

Collaborative Leadership – why is collaborative leadership so important? 12 Collaborative Leadership Reasons Why Leaders Need to Improve on the Way We Work. I am passionate about the way leaders behave within the workplace and how leaders can collaborate together for skills development and ultimately long term benefits in the workplace. Most of my time … Continue reading »

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Collaborative Leadership Scotland – managing change

Creative a group of collaborative leaders in Scotland will allow room for sharing skills and expertise, knowledge and co-coaching on a very personal level. We shall be launching our sister brand, PROVISION Excellence at the end of this month which hones into Collaborative Leadership in Scotland. There are specific key skills and behaviours which drive … Continue reading »

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PROvision a collaborative coaching group for leaders

What about you? Is it time to step-up your thinking, your vision and your skills as leader? I want you to receive my personal invitation to join in with our new collaborative leaders group called PROvision.  We are in the throws of finishing the website and branding but didn’t want to hold back on sharing what this … Continue reading »

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