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Blowing Bubbles in the Workplace – Reducing Stress & Anxiety in the Workplace.

Posted by on March 1, 2018

We all know far too often that horrible feeling of stress, work overload, anxiety and panic especially when in the workplace.  Stress and anxiety in the workplace leads to all sorts of challenges not only for the individual, but for teams and leaders too. Here’s an idea. We recently worked with a school and provided bubbles for the teacher and kids. The teacher uses the bubbles for herself and then engages the kids with the focused activity.

The “bubble therapy” allowed the teacher just to focus on her for 2-3 minutes and the kids loved watching. They admire the colours and floatiness of the rainbow liquid. Did you know blowing bubbles offers great health benefits? The deep breathing required to blow bubbles is great for relaxation, stress relief and allows present moment thinking.

We need to dig deep into our tummies to find our breath to blow bubbles. It’s a deep inhale to balloon the stomach and then slowly out (in for 8 and out for 4) Pursed-lip breathing increases pressure on the airways, which helps keep them open. A pursed-lip exhale more thoroughly exhausts the air in your lungs, leaving more room for fresh inhaled air. This results in better circulation in the respiratory system.

Just allowing yourself 2-3 minutes per day and more if you can will do you the world of good

I say, take your bubbles to work and talk to your teachers about bubbles!

Breathing with bubbles

If you feel your workplace won’t rock-it-out with bubbles, then just breathe instead.

I recently worked with a large hotel brand who are so fun in their approach to work, it’s unreal. Well, it is very real I can tell you, and so blooming refreshing with such an open and relaxed approach to work!

I fitted in straight away with the amazing sense of feel at home and fun culture.  We’ve worked on many simple strategies of reducing anxiety and stress that many cannot shake off from home and bring their troubles to work. You’ve guessed it, bubbles is one of them!

Taking the time to be in the present moment, just getting a sense check of where you’re at and noticing that you still have a heartbeat really can help put everything into perspective.


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