One-on-One Coaching


One to one coaching is personal, confidential and creates the space and time for to look at what you want to make changes with.

Our experiences have covered and ranges from developing board presentation, enhancing leadership skills, to developing your management skills or helping you with confidence and self-esteem issues, our individual work is powerful, comprehensive and lasting.

PRO-tential coaches are dynamic, empathetic and highly experienced.

Our coaching approach is strength based seeking out your preferences, styles and your “wants” ensuring you and your coach get results every time. Here’s just a few examples of what we do.

Executive Coaching

You are a senior manager, head of department or a director. You wish to engage with a highly qualified experienced executive coach who will identify with you own areas for development. These could cover areas such as engagement, relationship management, building rapport, managing people, talent management and so on.

You seek a trusted individual, space to think and ability to share your inner-most thoughts and feelings. You want to stretch and challenge current self- limitations, beliefs, skills and approaches. Without fail you will see personal embedded change once you start work with your coach. Contact us in confidence.


Career Action Coaching

One-to-one Career Action Coaching - Intensive and straight-talking career guidance that will make a significant difference to your working life.

You may be preparing for a future promotion from manager to head of function. Or, a returning to work professional who could do with support and coaching to springboard back into work. We’d love to hear from you to have a chat around what it is you are looking for. Arrange a time to talk with us.

Confidence Coaching

Confidence Coaching sessions offer a full introspection of all the areas where you are confident in life right now. We will work with you to get you thinking and uncovering all the useful strategies you use for when you are confident and the not so useful ones for when you are not. We will support you to get you thinking and feeling Confident enough to start being who you want to be, living the life you want to live and doing the things that you want to do.

Send us your details and let’s arrange a time to talk through the areas you want to work on.


Executive Presentation Coaching

From time to time, it is necessary to make vital presentations, often to large audiences, upon which the future of the company may depend. Often, standard presentation skills training is not enough in these circumstances. You want to be powerful with your message, show empathy, engage with your audience and work on those things which hold you back.

Plan a time to speak with us. We’ll work with you, your style and your strengths to stretch and exceed your own personal expectations.

Interview Skills Coaching and Interviewer Skills Coaching

Whether you are the interview or the interviewer you are in the right place to hire your personal coach to work with you. You will want to be at your personal best. You will want to be accomplished, relaxed, confident and quietly self-assured.

As the interviewee, you will want to be polished, know your subject and be able to articulate your skills and attributes seamlessly.

As the interviewer you will be seen as a seasoned professional. You will be mindful, an exceptional listener. You will be able to process language patterns, styles and preferences quickly. You will be able to articulate competency based questions based on what you’ve heard.


We’ll tune into your communication strategies, your communication styles and how you can identify flex and stretch into these vital areas. Contact us to arrange a time to speak.