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Management Development Progamme Scotland

Posted by on April 18, 2013

In March 2012, ILM (Institute of Leadership and Development) set out to understand the state of the UK’s management pipeline and where it could be improved. Independent research with 750 UK organisations across public and private sectors took place to identify the key challenges they face with recruiting and developing skilled leaders and managers.

By talent pipeline, ILM means a joined up approach to leadership development skills in Scotland that enables flow of skill and capable individuals through an organisation.  A talent plan meanwhile, is the mans by which a talent pipeline is implemented, and involves defining, tracking, and developing the leadership and management skills and knowledge required to ensure the future needs of a business is met.

Without citing all of the report (if you’d like a copy contact us for the pdf we wanted to get straight the point of the key themes which came from this research and how through our experience, these themes are real…focus from business needs to be more on individual development for personal change.

The points are this.  Regardless of a business size and sector, a talent plan is critical to helping employers match skills development with internal needs.

Developing people with the core skills of communication, people management, organisation, financial skills and people engagement will prepare these people for management and assist them in their day-day work.

We’re talking about action-centred learning before and during being a “line manager”.  We’ll throw in a mix of coach training, coaching for high performance and structure to embed learning and ensure everyone sees, feels and experiences results. Management development programmes Scotland can be a blend of face to face and team work depending on your objectives and budget!

About PRO-tential Coaching and Training

PRO-tential Coaching and Training is an ILM recognised provider taking pride in our approach to developing managers and developing leaders in Scotland.  We offer up close and personal tailored programmes which can be ILM certified or offers an vocational certification.  You may decide a 1:1 coaching approach will suit some of your individuals.  Either way, if you are seeking a partner for a management development programme in Scotland please contact us.

PRO-tential Coaching & Training Office number 0843 2891639



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