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Leadership in Scotland – challenges facing organisations today

Posted by on May 10, 2012

I was with Ros Taylor on Tuesday.  Ros is an international author, psychologist and well know radio and TV presenter. She was facilitating a session on confidence in leadership. Interestingly the group become quite dynamic and explosive when we hit this subjectWe collectively agreed as a group these skills we refer to that leaders need are hard and required.  Often these are described as soft skills, emotional intelligence for example or assertiveness.  There has never been more of a crucial time than now for leaders in Scotland to grab those hard skills in both hands and start applying them!  Companies are crying out for vision, for growth, for profitability, for inspired teams…the list endless!  Leadership in Scottish business needs o be robust, stand firm, have the tenacity and passion to take people with them (not drag them along!)

Forward thinking companies in Scotland are engaging with the best external facilitators, trainers and coaches to help them accelerate their plans.  Help shape strategy, engage employees, ignite motivation and put into place a living, breathing action plan which yeilds return on investment.   I think it’s fair to say that Scottish business continues to
take a massive hit whilst the economy makes a slow recovery.

Coaching organisation offering leadership development programmes in Scotland and are having to sharpen their pencils and demonstrate their team have the competent skills and knowledge to do a cracking job!

The sky is the limit for leaders in Scotland who know their strategy, are influencing their business and have tight plans in place to retain, grow and nurture their people and business.

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