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Leadership Development Programmes Scotland

Posted by on March 14, 2012

Why would you engage with an external provider and what would you look for?

One of the biggest pitfalls in any “training” is the lack of understanding of the client’s needs by the trainer   and the lack of engagement/understanding from the recipient; in this context training is a pointless  exercise and a waste of time and money.  Our collaborative and open style allows a fresh approach to what we like to call continuous business and people development rather than traditional training!

We pride ourselves in taking the time to understand your business in areas such as:

–                      What are the key macro business objectives for the next 2/3 years?

–                      Who’s who in the management team? Strengths & areas for improvement?

–                      What are the biggest challenges faced right now with developing new business? With retaining existing customers?

–                      Who potentially are the leaders of tomorrow for organisation?

–                      Who could step-up and up-skill over the next 6/12 months in areas of productivity, business skills, leadership capabilities and so on.

–                      Is everyone engaged in the growth plans? Do they know?

–                      How do the company growth plans translate to individuals’ performance targets?

–                      What about leadership standards?

–                      For line managers/leaders directly responsible for target achievement, how can we achieve more through our existing people? (high performance coaching) and much more….!

Development Training Options

 We do not offer or hold public “open” development programmes as many of our competitors do.  Each and every programme we deliver is uniquely shaped to our customer, which means the focus and momentum  relates to your organisation dynamics, culture, facts and business strategy drivers.

Individuals or Groups

 Learning and development combined with planned group or 1:1 coaching offers a powerful solid platform  for retaining new information and skills learned.

Each and every programme tailored for the your goup will be action-centred following, for example 1 or    2    days of development with the programme leader, which means the individual will capture learnings,   practice new skills, develop existing skills and translate this into business strategy and reality.

The deliverable outcomes of any planned development day are always agreed with the individual and their   line manager with the additional engagement of the budget stakeholders to ensure all involved are  committed,  they follow-through,  they follow-up and yield results.

We work in small focused groups.  For example, our customer relationship management programme is   geared at a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 10 people.

The ILM “Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Programme” is for a minimum of 2 people and can be a   distance learning programme with executive coaching or delivered for 10 people maximum for any 1  cohort.

There is the option to conduct 1:1 development and coaching with key individuals.  This is usually based  on a minimum of 3 x 2 hours spread over 3 months and can extend to 12 months coaching depending on   identified coaching goals/needs.  This can be conducted on or off site.

The coach operates on a day rate   and will probably be best value for money if 3 people are identified to work with in one day.

In essence our focus is the people with whom we engage. Without fail the focus is always driven towards developing people to develop business.

Shaping a programme specifically for your organisation

 Capturing the objective outcomes of any development programme is a must!

Recently working with a client “developing tomorrow’s leaders” we tailored development learning and coaching around 4 of their key strategy drivers:

–                      Finance

–                      Commercial (New and Existing business)

–                      Competitive advantage (soft and hard skills)

–                      Business tools

The learning and development was very much geared to allowing middle managers and senior managers   to step-up with understanding the full circle of creating a strategy and running a profitable business   unit. Individuals were  given current business issues or perceived “weaknesses” to work on as group.     Shaping a meaningful action plan together with achieving accountable results were the ultimate   mega   goals.

As a result of this programme some notable achievements were:

–                      A full and detailed sales and marketing strategy was communicated to the business.

–                      A leadership standard was published to the business with sign off from the board

–                      A full and meaningful pipeline and database was created

–                      Commercial development managers recorded higher than average increase in sales

–                      New business development managers reported record high appointments

–                      Managers used a suite of tools to forecast and make sound decisions within their business

–                      All managers grasped and understood P&L

–                      The team challenged and re-shaped competitive advantage aspects of their business

–                      Managers became competent and confident with holding tough coaching conversations

–                      The business was surveyed as a result of this programme and the impact the attendees had on the business.  Individuals reported higher motivation levels, empowerment from their manager and a great place to work…….!

There were many other positive outcomes such as engagement, improved emotional intelligence,    inclusion, strong team ethos, feed-back, feed-forward, individual learning and development plans, regular    motivational reviews with direct reports, individual 360 development plan, individual leadership  psychometric measure and co-coaching.

The programme was credited as a huge success with the organisation commencing cohort 2.

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