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Leadership Development Programme

Posted by on February 13, 2012

There is a plethora of programmes out their in the market and choosing the right one for your organisation is a difficult task.  It’s not one of those “things” you can pick up off the shelf and deliver to many of your unsuspecting leaders of tomorrow or is it?

What is it that companies look for when joining forces with an external provider?  How much input to the learning output do the attendees have and who should be running the programme?

Developing talent, retaining talent and raising the bar for leaders of today and tomorrow has never been so high on the agenda.  PROtential Coaching and training has been extremely active in pursuit of gaining feedback and insights into the array of leadership development programmes offered.

Building on Leadership Development


Since January we have spoken with over 200 companies which sit into the SME and Corporate brackets interested to know what goes on behind the scenes relating to their agenda for talent management and indeed how do they develop their leaders?

Many of the SME organisations we found had not engaged with an external provider at this level…meaning coaching or development programmes for executives or their leaders.  About 45% of the corporates we spoke with employ a specialist talent and training manager to cover long term objectives with developing tomorrows leaders.    Many of those talent managers will engage with external providers similar to PROtential Coaching and Training to provide bespoke devolopment action centred leadership programmes.

Interestingly most of if not all of the companies we spoke with did not engage with the attendees to survey what their potential high flying leaders needed or wanted from their leadership development programme.  As often is the case a standard programme is launched covering the plethora of leadership theories, styles and attributes which are often “cited” for developing tomorrows’ leaders.

We were fortunate enough to view content and materials from a leadership development programme which had been tailored for a client by Cranfield Business School.  It was edgy, relevant, tuned into the clients objectives and contained real life business case scenarios for the team to work on.

Being the very competitive bunch that we are, we immediately compared this to PROtential Coaching and Training’s ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) programme called “Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Programme” This was tailored and written specifically for a division of the multi-million  MITIE plc.  The modules are company specific and tailored to the business objectives right here and now.  Looking into the future the programme is geared towards leaders thinking about their career goals, their business drivers and how that links to the overall strategy of the organisation.

The team at PROtential Coaching & Training are experienced credible leaders in their right each with amazing credentials.  Suffice to say we are extremely proud of our leaders programme which continues to go from strength to strength.

Our goal and focus is to continuously push the boundaries with what we offer.  Whilst we have not yet reached the kudos level of Cranfield Business School……..we are certainly setting our sights high to catch them up!

What are your experiences of leadership development programmes and leadership courses? Please get in touch.

Let us know if you’ve attended an open course relating to management development or leadership development.  We’d be interested in your feedback as to it’s value; what you took from the leadership development programme and would you work with the company again?



2 Responses to Leadership Development Programme

  1. Ian Jamieson

    Interesting post, thank you. I’ve attended a couple of leadership development programmes over the years and many of them are behind the curve. Business is changing so quickly (online and offline) that courses need to be updated every month to be relevant. Often business leaders are always playing catch-up as they don’t know what’s going on at the shop floor level. It’s important to choose a training provider who can prove they are up-to-date with industry knowledge and who can make predictions on how business will move.

    Thanks again.

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