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How do you know coaching works?

Posted by on October 13, 2011

It’s always interesting to gain other people’s opinions on what they see as “coaching”.  Some people confuse coaching with mentoring or training.  The world of work is complex and constantly changing.  Fast paced and high pressured, it places increasingly tough demands on employees through organisations.

Consequently leaders and managers at all levels need a broad portfolio of management and leadership tools and techniques to do their job effectively. Coaching is a particularly powerful tool in the modern workplace – one that has proven to be a highly effective way of developing individual performance by unlocking capability.At it’s best, this key management tool can deliver considerable benefits, helping managers get the most from their teams, boosting employee engagement and developing high performing workplaces.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that coaching is increasingly  widespread in organisations.  Yet there is little objective research to tell us for certain how organisations approach the use of coaching.  What, for example, is behind the rapid growth in the use of coaching? How and why do organisations use coaching, and what can we learn from them?  What criteria are used to select coaches, and how is the effectiveness of coaching measured?

ILM (Institute of Leadership & Management) set out to provide some definitive answers to these and other related questions.  ILM’s findings establish the extent to which organisations are embracing the coaching concept, and identify and share coaching best practice.  They provide valuable insights for employers looking to maximise the effectiveness of coaching, and for coaching professionals about the market we serve and the expectations of our customers.

What are your thoughts on coaching and its use at your place of work? Have you ever been coached?  What were the benefits?  Was it worth it? Let us know your thoughts.

Look out for our next blog with the results of the ILM research.


One Response to How do you know coaching works?

  1. Juliette McQuoney

    I’ve experienced coaching as a board director and found it to be amazingly liberating! I’d be interested in seeing the ILM results please email to me directly. Contact details given on reply box.

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