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Executive Coach Scotland – would you work with one?

Posted by on May 17, 2012

Appointing an executive coach in Scotland shouldn’t be difficult if the people you are engaging with has the credentials you are looking for!

It’s interesting ……coaching is one of the biggest growth areas in personal development and one of the biggest business booms America and Europe has experienced.   Have you ever worked with an executive or leadership coach before? If you have what has been your experience?  

I was invited into a meeting last week to explore the possibilities of an executive coaching programme in Scotland.   Two of the senior management team members were well versed with the results driven opportunities associated to executive one to one coaching.  They grasped the underpinning principles of dialogue, stretch, challenge and action.  This particular opportunity for executive coaching in Scotland was indeed geared towards senior managers.  What was interesting though is this…….the leader at the top, the MD couldn’t justify the investment, now we’re not talking about money here, we’re talking about time, effort, mentoring, nurturing whatever word you want to choose to describe “support”.

In the sporting world no-one blinks an eye at the mention of the question “who is your coach?” It is expected for high performers and those who want to continue to be at the best in their game appoints and works with a coach for feedback, strength based conversations, stretch and challenge.  The coach is trained to tease through questions, practice skill and review areas for improvement and review areas for excellence.

The same applies when appointing an executive coach in the working world.  Back to our MD! His thought process and approach was very much of the “they are here to do their job so let them get on with it”

Yes, accountability is good.  What about though developing and nurturing people for bigger and better things?  Strategy, innovation, creativity, collaboration, personal effectiveness, productivity, motivation…the list is endless.

My point is this. Even if we are not appointed as the executive coach in Scotland at least offer the environment, the openness and opportunity for people to stretch, learn and contribute in a more meaningful way.

If you have any interesting experiences of executive coaching especially in Scotland whether positive or negative we’d. love to hear from you

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