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Collaborative Leadership Scotland – managing change

Posted by on August 18, 2014

Leadership Developement Programme (open courses)Creative a group of collaborative leaders in Scotland will allow room for sharing skills and expertise, knowledge and co-coaching on a very personal level.

We shall be launching our sister brand, PROVISION Excellence at the end of this month which hones into Collaborative Leadership in Scotland.

There are specific key skills and behaviours which drive a great leader to collaborate which yields outstanding results.


Moving Forwards and Managing Change

This presentation and workshop will focus on how we as leaders can accelerate the speed of moving forwards and managing change – starting with you first.

Hayley Phipps will deliver a fast-paced overview focussing on experiences of strategic partnerships within FirstGroup plc and National Grid.  The overview will highlight the key stages of these commercial projects and how interferences potentially stifled potential performance.

The workshop is designed to be interactive with elected members’ participation to create an environment of sharing, learning, feedback and actions to move us forward with change.

It will flow organically with the key themes/strands which arise from the workshop wrapped around the aims, objectives and learning outcomes.

During this workshop there will be breakout sessions with feedback to capture your thoughts, experiences and innovative ideas.

We will use this working forum as a good place to start to shape, mould and implement ideas arising our time together.

Aims, objectives and learning outcomes

To share experiences of innovation and where change accelerated progress

  • As leaders explore key strands within our business where movement and change is needed
  • Uncover why change at times is slow.  What are the key themes?
  • To ignite discussions within the elected members group covering:
    • Cultural context within leadership silos
    • Experiential sharing of the difficulties of managing change
    • Identify and explore the key themes arising
  • To share examples of where collaborative leadership or strategic partnerships benefit teams and organisations
    • What are the behaviours and skills needed to allow collaborative leadership to move forward?

As a team of leaders we will:

  • Explore the underpinning principles and behaviours of collaborative leadership
  • Identify key focus areas within our own areas of responsibility of where knowledge sharing and resources can benefit all
  • Identify where partnerships can be explored within our working group
  • Have more clarity of our personal learning outcomes and actions relating to moving our business forward


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