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implement change

How to squish creativity like a BUG!

In the rush to get the job done quickly and effectively, it’s all too easy to trample on the ideas and efforts of others.  Most senior managers will acknowledge the importance of having the support, loyalty and ideas of their “subordinates”,  I prefer to use the phrase, team members.  A company of any size cannot sustain … Continue reading »

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3 Ways Sales People Improve their Leadership Skills

1. Read and Study Leadership Leadership is a complex array of skills and attributes. There are as many definitions as there are leaders, and an equal number of ideas about the skills and attributes leadership requires. Because there are so many ideas, much has been written. This is a good place to start. The role … Continue reading »

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The Art Of Selling: Do or Die?

I’m always amazed when coaching and developing sales teams how many sales people say they don’t need to prospect; don’t need to work a database and we’re “big enough” so we’ll wait for the business to come in!  Any business guru or in-fact anyone that can add 1+1 in their head will know and agree … Continue reading »

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