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Become a highly qualified coach studying ILM level 5 Distance Coaching and Mentoring at your own pace!

There are many online coaching programmes been offered within the UK without any robust qualification route. They promote “certification” – but I am not entirely sure of how some organisations can offer anyone to become “qualified” without rigourous practise, assessment and supervision! If you are looking to find out how to become a genuinely qualified … Continue reading »

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Coaching Courses Online – Distance Learning

So you’ve decided that you’d like to look at options for coaching courses online through distance learning? We offer a full distance learning option with the same robust high level support that you’d expect with an accredited foundation degree coaching course.  We’ve found many coaching courses online whcih don’t offer any 1:1 coaching or tutor … Continue reading »

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Distance Learning Coaching Qualifications ILM – Institute of Leadership & Management

As an ILM centre we are now offering accredited ILM programmes through our distance learning route for ILM level 5 Coaching & Mentoring qualifications. You can choose the ILM level 5 Coaching Certificate (13 credits) or Coaching Diploma (37 Credits) Jam packed with full on support from a highly qualified practising coach you choose the … Continue reading »

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Coaching & Mentoring Qualification for HR Managers, Heads, Leaders, Consultants and Learning Development Specialists – Scotland

Coaching & Mentoring Diploma (Foundation degree) Qualification Each 37 credits – ILM 5 We are delighted to publish our ILM schedule for level 5 (foundation degree) Coaching & Mentoring for 2018 You may have been thinking about taking your learning and development to new heights and perhaps the cost has got in the way? We … Continue reading »

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Get REAL! An honest Reality Check on “Step-Parenting”, “Half Siblings” and other peoples’ stupid labels.

Almost thirteen years ago around the twelfth of September. I remember the date vividly because it was after Alan’s birthday and before mine that I knew I was mesmerised by this secretive, quiet, kind Scottish podgy man.  We fell in love at a speed I’d never imagined would ever happen. I had been split from … Continue reading »

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Therapy for Kids South Lanarkshire

More and more kids in South Lanarkshire are not able to get the mental health support they need at school because of the lack of resources. I won’t state all of the statistics here on how far too many referrals are rejected and how there are simply not enough qualified practitioners available through the council … Continue reading »

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Time to Grow Your Business – Business Coach Scotland

 Here’s some fabulous feedback from customers who are now life-long friends “Hayley absolutely understood the issues and the objectives and created a detailed programme drawing upon her years of experience bringing together a portfolio of training, coaching and development which encompassed skills developed amongst many of the world’s leading organisations such as Harvard Business School.  I … Continue reading »

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Scholarship funding for ILM level 5 Qualifications

We are delighted to publish our ILM schedule for level 5 (foundation degree) Coaching & Mentoring and Leadership & Management for 2017. You may have been thinking about taking your learning and development to new heights and maybe the cost has got in the way? We know especially if you haven’t got funding or full … Continue reading »

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Overview of Mindfulness Programme for Biggar Community Page

      Mindfulness for Kids We have launched our “Coaching with Mindfulness” led by Hayley Phipps Tennant at our local primary school.  Hayley also has been invited to work with senior four pupils at the local high school to lead a session around “Stress, anxiety and coping mechanisms” We are also in discussions around … Continue reading »

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Mindfulness in Schools supported by Hayley Phipps Tennant

Mindfulness in general is best experienced rather than talked about.  It is something we “are” rather than do.  For children it is all about how the adults in their life model it for them.  Children will tune in to our behaviour, indeed model them –because this is how we learn! We copy, we repeat, we … Continue reading »

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